May 28, 2017

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July 22, 2017

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7 Elements of Design

July 4, 2017


Creating beautiful design is about more than inspiration or a great idea, it’s about understanding the fundamentals of the subject. Although it’s possible to spend years studying the nuances of design and the many varying takes on how to be successful at it, there are a handful, or two, of basic elements that every designer should know before beginning any project. Anyone can utilize these following seven tips to create professional looking pieces, and  who intends to earn money from the endeavor must know them. Rules were made to be broken, of course, but you have to know what they are first.




The first and most basic element of design is that of the line. In drawing, a line is the stroke of the pen or pencil but in  design, it’s any two connected points. Lines are useful for dividing space and drawing the eye to a specific location. For example, think about how a magazine uses lines to separate content, headlines and side panels.


Here are a few examples of what we traditionally think of when we think of lines:





Color is one of the most obvious elements of design, for both the user and the designer. It can stand alone, as a background, or be applied to other elements, like lines, shapes, textures. Color creates a mood within the piece and tells a story about the space. Every color says something different, and combinations can alter that impression further.