May 28, 2017

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July 22, 2017

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How to use colors in Your Home.

June 1, 2017




Good interior design, is not just when people make comments about a fabulous space or the interesting lighting or the perfectly chosen furniture and arrangement. Good, is actually when nothing negative is said.


Colors is one of the main Element of  Interior Design .


The key word is now said to be integration , including look ranges that develop pattern and color harmony to a degree never achieved before.


Before using colors in interior design, is good to know some important facts about them. 


The 3 primary colors are red, blue and yellow. They cannot be made by mixing any other colors. These three colors are mixed to create all other colors and can be combined with white or black to create tints (lighter hues) and shades (darker hues) of these colors.



Example of a room using primary colors