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KITCHEN STORAGE - Get more storage in your kitchen space.

As an Interior Designer & executor, I found that clients have lots of space requirement in the limited given space specially in Kitchen. So in many of my kitchen designing projects, i had to designed it in such a way that client get maximum space for their storage.

If you also have problem with the space & storage in your kitchen or you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or you’re moving into a new place, these kitchen storage options are a great way to get a lot more space. Here’s how you can take your kitchen organisation up to the next level.

Kitchen Storage Option 1: Tall Unit or Pantry Unit

When it comes to storage space like tall unit or pantry unit than you can’t go wrong to install it in your kitchen. Imagine a tall unit with chest of drawers for your kitchen or a pantry unit full of baskets in the cabinet and on the shutter. It stores all your fast foods and essentials. You could also store your snacks, dry foods and regular usable stuffs in these high storage units. These are usually 1900 mm to 2150 mm in height according to the kitchen design and it is very user-friendly. You could either have a straight pull-out door that has drawers attached to them or a door that simply opens up to drawers.

Kitchen Storage Option 2: Drawers

The most effective and essential storage space saver in the kitchen are the drawers. It might be the easy answer but the simple drawers under the countertop can change your perception of using your kitchen previously. It would not only change the look of your kitchen but give you the versatility in usage. It can hold cutlery trays, knives, plates, bowls – pretty much all your kitchen essentials. Most modular kitchens put in long drawers under the counter top so that you don’t have to dig out things from the deep end.

Normally in a standard modular kitchen i put a set of 3 drawers, one Grain Trolly and one Bottle pullout. In the 3 drawers set, The first drawer is a cutlery tray, the second holds cups and bowls and the last drawer is for your plate rack and pans. Most of the kitchen user find difficult to take out grain basket for their daily usage. For the user comfort, i usually give grain trolly basket in the kitchen and BPO unit for storage like sauces bottles and etc.

Kitchen Storage Option 3: Corner Units

If you really want to squeeze in more storage space, check your kitchen corners. The space underneath the point where the counter tops join were completely overlooked once upon a time because of the inconvenience involved in storage. These are usually deep and it takes quite a bit of fishing to take your utensils out. But corner units save us the effort. You could put in a rotating tray nicknamed “Lazy Susan” and simply access your utensils with ease. No more diving into the deep end! Depending on the size and its depth, you can store heavy-duty pots, containers or spice jars.

Kitchen Storage Option 4: Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are your answer to quick storage space and adding countryside vibes right in your kitchen! These work perfectly for any knick-knacks you’ve got in the kitchen with no assigned place.

Stash standalone baskets freely in the corner or have pull-out baskets that fit under the countertop. It comes in a range of sizes too! This is a great option for those looking for storage space and style. The standalone baskets works well for cozy kitchens.

Kitchen Storage Option 5: Roller Shutter

Wouldn’t it be perfect to store all your kitchen appliances in one place and not have it spread out all over the kitchen? You will love the roller shutter then. These shutters can hide appliances neatly in a shelf. It typically comes in aluminium or a glossy acrylic finish. You can also choose a glass roller shutter for a touch of softness.

Roll it down when it’s not in use and when you are done for the day. Wake up to a clutter-free working space! This even gives the impression that your kitchen has plenty of space. Roller shutters make a swanky and elegant kitchen.

Loved these ideas? You might want to look at these as well to maximise your storage space: Smart & Stylish Storage Options to Try Out

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